What are tools for monkeys?
Tools to automate tedious tasks that are common to employees in production, with a particular focus on consumer lending. Many people in jobs they feel a monkey could do overlook the small bits of their jobs that are second nature after a few months. These tools are to make them seem simple again.

Why tools for monkeys?
Why not? Not all of the tools are useful for production, some are merely fun to play with - or help you to play.

Here are a few tools:
Perpetual Rescission Calendar
Payoff and Per Diem Calculator
Phone Formatting Script
Time-to-Value Investment Calculator
Amortization Tool
Minimum Property Value Calculator
Income Calculator
Rate to Achieve Results
Required Lump Sum Balance for Annuities
Megapixel to Dimensions Calculator
Random Fantasy Sports League Scheduler
FIPS County Code Lookup
Suicide List for Online Games
Christmas Shopping List/Or Generic To-Do List(if you're creative)

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